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Exterra represents a courageous attitude to life, complete freedom of personal expression and the creation of a more beautiful and comfortable reality. Exterra encourages you to push your boundaries to be positive and only your own, as your life is what you make yourself!

Big Star

BIG STAR clothing is a guarantee for the best quality and design, inspired by the latest trends. From the very beginning of the brand, her parade horse is jeans. For designers of the BIG STAR brand, work is passion, clothing - applied art, jeans - an integral element of culture.

Big Star Shoes

To je obutev, ki vam bo všeč na prvi pogled, nad njo pa se boste še bolj razveselili – ko jo boste prvič obuli. Tekaški copati, pohodniški čevlji ali otroške superge ali morda zimski copati? BIG STAR SHOES je celovita znamka – znamka, ki bo izpolnila pričakovanja vseh, ki imajo radi udobne in modne čevlje za vsako priložnost.

Custom clothing

Company GB Fashion Company It also offers you tailor made garments of the highest quality materials to give you the pleasure of wearing. You will receive a digital sketch before making it.

We offer you:

  • suit
  • shirt
  • pants
  • skirt